About Store

In recent years,
outdoor sports have become more and more popular in Hong Kong. The SparrowOn
start-up team found market opportunities and established a brand, focusing on
online sales of mountaineering and camping equipment, with portable and
professional as the selling point to meet the needs of outdoor sportsmen and
create maximum value for them.

Sparrowon takes high-cost performance as its core advantage.


Sparrowon intend to use a combination of two warehouses, one in mainland China and one in Hong Kong, to store the products. 

Our Clients

Our brand’s target customers are all outdoor enthusiasts in Hong Kong, including backpackers, novice and experienced hikers, as well as people who like to camp, etc. According to Trailblazer and HKU’s research (2018), Hong Kong people usually go hiking in groups, with family, friends, and members from hiking associations, this outdoor activity is suitable for all ages and abilities. When it comes to product purchases, customers aged 35-44 years (33.6%) and 45-55 years (29.7%) were the major consumers buying sports and outdoor products online. In terms of gender, male consumers accounted for 59.4% and females accounted for 40.6% (Statista, 2021). Here, SparrowOn wellcomes all the people who like camping and hiking! Let's get started!

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