Outdoor First Aid Kit/Emergency Kit, 180Pcs Medical Set


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Equipped to suit your needs for a large variety of injuries and having all the 1st aid items gathered ahead of time will help you handle unexpected moments when on the go.


Package Include (30 kinds of 180 components): 
1) scissor 9cm 1pcs 
2) tweezer 11cm 1pcs 
3) Sterile gauze pad 5cm*5cm 1pcs 
4) Sterile gauze pad 7,5*7.5cm 1pcs 
5) confirming bandage 5cm*4.5m 1pcs 
6) confirming bandage 7.5cm*4.5m 1pcs 
7) adhesive tape 1.25cm*5m 1pcs 
8) self-adhesive bandage 2.5cm*4.5m 1pcs 
9) tourniquet 46cm 1pcs 
10) alcohol prep pad 3*6cm 30pcs 
11) iodine pad 5*5cm 4pcs 
12) sting relief prep pad 5*5cm 4pcs 
13) band-aids 7.2*1.9cm 30pcs 
14) antiseptic wet wipes 5*6cm 4pcs 
15) soap wipes 5*6cm 4pcs 
16) round band-aids 20pcs 
17) H shape band-aids 2pcs 
18) closure ban-aids 2pcs 
19) wound dressing 6*7cm 1pcs 
20) wound dressing 6*10cm 1pcs 
21) cotton buds 50pcs 
22) triangular bandage 96*96*136cm 2pcs 
23) safety pins 10pcs 
24) CPR mask 20*19cm 1pcs 
25) PVC glove 1pcs 
26) emergency blanket 130CM*210CM 1pcs 
27) rain poncho large 1pcs 
28) burn dressing 60*40cm 1pcs 
29) first aid guide 1pcs 
30) nylon pouch 22*14*8cm 1pcs

Stock Advice: Store in a dry and dark place for long-term storage.



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22 x 14 x 8 cm


420D Oxford cloth


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