Practical hiking tips to explore Hong Kong’s trails

Hong Kong offers trails aplenty for all levels of hikers from beginner to advanced. Enjoy the great outdoors, but be sure to properly prepare for a day on the trails and adhere to safety precautions. Follow these helpful tips to have an enjoyable experience on Hong Kong’s many beautiful trails:

  1. Carefully make a plan and familiarise yourself with the route.
  2. Gauge whether your fitness level is appropriate for the route.
  3. Pay attention to weather conditions.
  4. Do not go hiking alone if you are an inexperienced hiker.
  5. Wear appropriate gear and bring along extra clothing and supplies, such as hats, raincoats, windbreakers, maps, compasses, hiking sticks, water, food, electric torches, umbrellas, radios, first-aid kits and mobile phones.

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